Bark affiliate program

Earn revenue via our affiliate network. We're growing fast, so there's never been a better time to get on board. Take a look below to discover the details.

How it works?

Our affiliate rates are some of the highest in our industry. You'll get commission on every genuine Bark that we receive, even if the customer never actually books the service through our site.

Bark helps people all over the UK find great local professionals for absolutely anything they want done. With over 500 categories to choose from, we're the ideal destination for a wide range of affiliate traffic.

People visiting our site can place a 'Bark' telling us what they're looking for. We then find them local pros who can help them, completely free of charge.

We'll pay you up to £25 commission for every genuine Bark that gets a response from one or more of our pros. The amount of commission varies by the type of Bark (category) that the customer places. See all commissions by category.

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